Alimento para perros cachorros de raza Caniche. De 2 a 10 meses de edad.
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  • 3 Kg
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Royal Canin Poodle Junior is tailor-made to suit the unique nutritional needs of your Poodle puppy.
This premium dry food is enriched with nutrients including omega fatty acids (EPA and DHA) and borage oil to support your Poodles woolly coat. The adapted protein content also helps to support continuous hair growth. The diet is formulated with an exclusive kibble shape and with calcium binders to reduce the development of tartar formation. With their developing digestive system, this junior formula contains highly digestible protein to promote a balanced intestinal flora and an exclusive antioxidant complex to support your puppys natural defences.
Peso 15000 g
Dimensiones 40 × 40 × 60 cm

3 Kg, 500 Gr


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